Let's be honest, whoever is has done a fabulous job!

This whole thing started when I noticed some awesome artwork on Instagram recently. Check this out!

The Rochester Food Tours Instagram page (which is run by husband and wife duo Brianna and Mike Elwood) shared this photo, and explained, "This is a shot from Minneapolis. From what I recall, someone from Colorado gave the idea." Since then, this has been a national thing. They even revealed that this has been happening in Rochester too!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

We're still missing part of this puzzle though. While we know electrical boxes have been painted throughout Minnesota (including Rochester), we don't know exactly who the artist is. Do you have any idea as to who it might be?

Either way, this is pretty incredible and I love it! I'll always love seeing artwork like this!

If we find out who the artist is, we'll definitely check back in with a follow up.

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