We've seen those What's In My Bag? videos with girls purses, but this version is completely different!

Yep! We get a sneak peek at what goes through Sebastian's mind when he shops for records in Hollywood. Not what type of hairspray or lotion he has in his purse. Turns out, his favorite sections are the KISS, Rush and Neil Young sections.

His second stop, is taking a look at his own Sebastian Bach section to, "see if the record company is doing their job." This time, he found they needed to re-stock his catalogue!

So, why the trip to the store? He tells us that he lost a lot of his old records in Hurricane Irene.

His wife makes a cameo, and apparently, his wife Suzanne would rather see Poison live than Rush too.

It's a funny video! Sebastian's next project is "18 And Life On Skid Row," a book that supposed to be released in June, but now, it'll be out in December.