The other day a bunch of us were talking, "What needs to happen is a restaurant needs to move into Mac's old place on the Peace Plaza! Well, something is happening down there, but what?

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One window says, "blow dry bar and face bar coming soon" and then it says help is wanted. There's stuff in the location behind the window, but that's been there for a bit. Then, you move over, to the former Glow location, and there's fact, a lot more nothing than just a month ago.

In fact, part of the nothing that's not there is a wall that separated it from Mac's! It was locked up so I couldn't get in, but thru the windows I could see a ton of activity.

PHOTOS: James Rabe for TSM-R

Back in the beginning of the year, a lot of noise about a blow dry bar was made, with a new restaurant opening in Mac's location (tho no specific restaurant was named).

Now thru the window, I could see plans (I zoomed in on 'em). Plus, thru other front windows, I could see the lack of a wall.

Are the plans for the very last shop space, or are they for the new, much larger space created when the wall was demolished? Is the restaurant still in the mix?

I'm checking, and I have messages out to people, but no word yet.

I'll keep you posted!

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