This past early Thursday morning my AC unit at the duplex I rent took a dump on the overnight. I woke up to 80 degrees at 6:30 am. What do you do to stay cool if this happens?

I posted a couple of photos of my affected UNIT on my personal FB page.

Of course, many decided to weigh-in with a wacky Meme, a GIF, or words of encouragement. Luckily for me, my 'Landlord' is a top-notch operator who does not want me to leave his rental unit, so he reacted quickly to my to my frantic plea for assistance. As promised, by a little after 4 pm the same day a capacitor was replaced, and we were COOL again by 5 pm. Can you relate?

QUESTION: Is your 'Landlord' as responsive to your calls for help? Problems in the past? Post your WACKY MEME or STAY COOL GIF at the Z-Rock Facebook Page.

As you know, the weather here in Southeast Minnesota can go haywire in a moment. You would think that here in the 'Frozen North' we would not have to deal with this kind of stuff. (but we do) It's not like we're living in Arizona's Valley of the Sun, right?

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