If you watched wrestling back in the late '90s, you probably know who Kane is. He's a tall, masked wrestler who would often set his opponents on fire after beating them to a pulp. So naturally, Kane, a.k.a. Glenn Jacobs, is now entering the world of politics by running for the mayor of Knox County. I want to joke about how crazy that is, but after the past couple years of American politics, I watched his first political ad, my immediate reaction was, "Yeah, that sounds about right." We live in crazy times.

Anyway, love love love how he's blatantly incorporating his wrestling persona into his campaign slogan: "Lighting the way for our future." I see what you're doing, Glenn Jacobs. And I approve.

Now all I want to see is Kane versus Mayor Brede in a Steel Catch Match. Brede would destroy him. Check out his first campaign ad riiiight here.

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