It's obvious Rochester has a lack of music venues now. Will these solutions work?

I'd like to think so! Firstly, I want to thank you guys for the huge response on this. Maybe we'll be heard now. Out of all the responses I read, I feel like three thoughts stuck out especially.

1. We need something like "The Myth".

the myth

Can we have this in Rochester please? A lot of you have seen some amazing shows here. The cool part about The Myth is they host a variety of shows too. Gojira was just there... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?


2. Let's convert the Armory Building into a venue.


This would be fantastic! Maybe, not even that expensive either? I love it when old churches are converted into badass venues, and metal bands from Norway take the stage and comment on that! ha!! Why not do this with an armory building?


3. Promote our own shows using the venues that are here.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

It sounds ridiculous, I know... but I sure as hell remember going into cruddy smokey venues and seeing the bands I loved anyway, just because I loved them. Would it be nice to have something newer? Ofcourse. However, why not take advantage of North Star? What's so wrong with it anyway? (full disclosure: I've never been be nice...)

Thank you guys again for your thoughts on this! I love these conversations. Let's keep them going.

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