UPDATE: Police have released a statement that DeShawn Huff sadly passed away Tuesday night due to injuries sustained in the crash. Thoughts go out to his family.


This is intense. DeShawn Huff, a 19-year-old Winona resident, was on the run from the La Crosse police after stealing a vehicle in Wisconsin. The dashcam footage below shows the chase, which takes a sudden, dangerous turn (literally) when Huff crashes the stolen vehicle into a creek. You can see the officers immediately take action as they try to rescue him from the water, which quickly began to submerge.

Unfortunately, the video cuts out before the full rescue, but according to the Pioneer Press, Huff first ended up sinking to the bottom of the creek after failing to grab the ropes thrown at him by police officers. Fortunately, the La Crosse Fire Department Dive Rescue Team and the La Crosse County Dive Rescue Team were able to pull him up from the bottom of Swift Creek within minutes. Huff is said to currently be in critical condition, likely due to the injuries sustained during the crash (and potentially being underwater for a small length of time). It's still pretty cool to see these police officers go from trying to arrest a suspect to trying to save a suspect's life in the blink of an eye.

The moral of the story? Don’t steal cars, man.

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