She looks frustrated, doesn't she? She's buying tickets online and had to switch to the phone, so something must be up.. What could it be? Maybe she hit a Warning that has her calling to say, "What the flamin' hooty-hoo!?"

I know what she's feeling because I was in the same situation last week. I was looking for some tickets to the Queen show with Adam Lambert on lead vocals, and I knew they'd be expensive, but I didn't know they didn't really have a set price for the tickets. This legit shocked me. Check it out...

The first part warns you the prices aren't locked in. The second tells you something we already know....the secondary market will jack up the price. I haven't tried buying tickets on Ticketmaster in a long time, so I did some research and found out Ticketmaster uses Dynamic PricingRolling Stone explained it this way...

If you went on Ticketmaster in January and pulled up a third-row seat for Taylor Swift‘s June 2nd show at Chicago’s Soldier Field, it would have cost you $995. But if you looked up the same seat three months later, the price would have been $595. That’s because Swift has adopted “dynamic pricing,” where concert tickets – like airline seats – shift prices constantly in adjusting to market demand.

Ticketmaster says it is an attempt to curtail the secondary ticket market, tho how serious they are about curbing the secondary market is anyone's guess since late last year when CBC News went undercover and reported...

Box-office giant Ticketmaster is recruiting professional scalpers who cheat its own system to expand its resale business and squeeze more money out of fans, a CBC News/Toronto Star investigation reveals.



I've pretty much stopped going to big concerts (unless I luck into a free pair). Ticket prices are just too high for me to afford, and I can't help but wonder what it'd be like, and how quickly the prices would come down if we just stopped paying the high prices?

On the other hand, if people want to pay $150 a ticket, who am I to say they shouldn't?

EIther way. just watch out. Know that extra price may not come with anything more than an emptier wallet.

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