Hey, I get it. Sometimes you just really want a cheeseburger. This past weekend, employees at a St. Paul Burger King had to deal with a 20-year-old woman who approached the counter and began to furiously demand food, using vulgar language and ‘fighting words’. Okay, so I’ve never wanted a cheeseburger that bad. She was described as appearing unkempt, sweaty, and constantly screaming gibberish.

Obviously, she was asked to leave. And even more obviously, she then proceeded to kick and punch the glass windows, because of course she did. She continued assaulting the employees as they tried to throw her out of the building. Paramedics eventually arrived to find her banging on the drive-thru window demanding food. Luckily, she was taken to the hospital for evaluation before anyone was hurt.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Someone captured part of the incident and posted the video on Facebook, which has since started blowing up. You can see the woman on the ground kicking at the Burger King employees. One worker kicks at the woman's legs in retaliation. I'm just really glad I don't work in the food service industry anymore. Yikes.

NOTE: I guess this video is semi-violent (what with the kicking), so viewer discretion is advised.

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