Since Uber came to Rochester several months ago, I've used it during those moments when I probably shouldn't be driving. It's truly awesome to be able to summon a taxi straight from your phone. And not to brag, but I'm quite proud of my five-star Uber rating (I'm single, ladies!).

But if you've worked in the service industry for even a day, you probably know that some customers can be the absolute worst. So that's why I think it makes sense that the ride sharing company just announced that it will begin deactivating users with below-average ratings as part of its commitment to "safety and respect for all." Basically, they're going to start banning people for being jerks.

But if you're a little worried after that incident where you puked in the back of your ride last weekend, hope is not lost! Users will still have "several" opportunities to improve their ratings before receiving the Ban Hammer. That's why it always pays to be kind to your DD. But hey, considering that we're in Minnesota, being nice shouldn't be TOO hard.

Source: Thrillist

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