Not only is this a smart idea, the proposed use of the Armory Building will offer something for all types of folks living in Rochester.

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, and noticed something being shared a lot. It was titled simply, "Rochester Armory Proposal." It had my attention. What was going to be proposed? Thankfully, it's a new music venue!

The best part about this proposal, is the man leading the charge on this is from Rochester. His name is Sankesh Prabhakar. Here's what he shared and put together.

photo: Kim David/Townsquare Media
photo: Kim David/Townsquare Media

Sankesh shared these thoughts with me on the proposal.

"Our proposal for The Armory takes the experience and track record of Entourage Events Group and the Fine Line Music Cafe, and mashes it with the local expertise of a Rochester native to create an amazing multi-use venue. Not only do we bring 3 decades of artist booking and programming experience from the Fine Line Music Cafe, but all of the properties that are owned by Entourage Events Group are classified as historic. Restoring the Armory back to its classical finishes, while adding a modern touch that will bring entertainment, arts and nightlife value to our city is a huge opportunity for Rochester. Our city needs a unique venue that is equipped to handle events and gatherings of all types. Our proposal includes highlighting local artists, nonprofits and community organizations. We are committing to donating the space, staff, sound and lights, and food and beverage to a nonprofit or community event once a month. Rochester deserves to have the ability to attract world class artists, and this space is a great step in the right direction. In order for us to attract and retain the top workforce from around the world, we need a vibrant and active arts, entertainment and nightlife scene."

The possibilities seriously seem endless here for a variety of entertainment to come to Rochester! I really like it! If all of this sounds as good to you as it does to me, sign here.

This will go in front of city council as part of a presentation on Monday, June 5. Fingers crossed, it will get approved!

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