Let me be honest, I took WAY more than seven pictures at Rock Fest 2017 this weekend, but these are my absolute favorite.

It all started when we rolled in Friday night (Hey, a girl still has to work!). I was excited to see Stone Sour and Korn that night especially, and thankfully we arrived just in time to see both after setting up our campsite.

Let me just tell you, I wouldn't want to be a band that has to follow Korn. I love Avenged Sevenfold, don't get me wrong, but HOLY HELL did Korn put on an amazing show!

Saturday was a day PACKED with metal. We started our day with an amazing set from City of the Weak out of Minneapolis. We caught up with them later too, but more on that in a bit...

THEN we settled in for some more beer, Lit, Vimic and Megadeth. All of those bands were incredible. A very cool moment happened at Vimic too, but more on that later...

Here are the photos!

You can also enjoy this half-assed update from my husband and I.

Seriously, he's the one who took the majority of the photos. Thanks Will!!!

Did you take some awesome photos too? Post them below in the comments, or wherever you find this story on social media.


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