We all have our heroes. We all have our idols. We all have someone in mind that we respect so much that we feel like we'd never be able to tell them about it. For me, right now that person is Lzzy Hale.

My admiration for Lzzy goes beyond her obvious talent, our Pennsylvania connection, and her rockin' style. I think she's an awesome person - and I think we need her more than ever right now.

It's probably easiest to explain why I feel this way via a letter. Don't worry, you're not creepy for reading my thoughts. If I could write to Lzzy (and god help me if she sees this!), this is what I'd say...

Val on ZROCK via Instagram
Val on ZROCK via Instagram

My dearest Lzzy,

I hope now, more than ever, your loved ones encourage you and support you in being the kickass person that you are.

No one should walk through this crazy world alone. It's obvious to me (through your lyrics and posts on social media, and kind demeanor that I've interacted with briefly) that you understand what that loneliness can feel like.

Whether you know it or not, you've become an honest mental health advocate that treats the subject with sensitivity and compassion. You truly use your platform for good. The rock world (hell, society for that matter) needs this right now. Unfortunately, the list of icons and wonderful humans we're losing (via suicide) to this mental health crisis appears to be growing daily. I can't imagine having the confidence to carry that weight without leaning on the amazing people around you. I hope they continue to support you in this - so that's why I choose to thank them at this moment as well. 

Thank you for continuing to make fantastic music that has an impact during a time where things can seem desolate. Thank you for being a bright light in rock music (showing the us it's still here and not going anywhere!), and the world.

Thank you for the kindness you showed me, and the Z-ROCK 107.7 team last September! Congratulations on creating a phenomenal album in Vicious!

Please keep being you. -Val

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