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Garage Sale Online is a Facebook group with all kinds of things for sale. One recent posting got a lot more attention than most listings do. A Preston, Minnesota, man was selling a Well Pump Plant Stand he'd made.

Rick Koch made this posting...

Rick Koch's plant stand post, click for link.

A lot of people went after it in the comments, making jokes about it.

Garage Sale Well Pump Plant Stand Comments Screen Capture

That's just a sampling of the jokes and teasing (there were others that were mean spirited). Rick Koch doesn't need me to defend him, so I'm not doing that. What I am doing is saying, "You know, you can keep scrolling."

I'm not going to lie, some of the better natured comments made me chuckle, but really…if you don’t think it’s for you or your yard or your family don’t buy it. Be nice to each other.

Unique Plant Stand for Sale

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