All interviewers hope to uncover some honesty when doing their jobs. During these chats, musicians opened up about life, addiction, depression and much more.

Kurt Cobain remains an icon not just due to Nirvana’s timeless music, but due to his ability to express himself authentically at all times. When asked about his heroin use, Cobain shared that he started doing drugs because he didn’t want to live and figured he may as well try it. He also lamented that he would forever be associated with heroin despite never promoting its use or going out in public high.

In a Loudwire interview at the 2019 Inkcarceration Festival, Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody delved deep into why he tattooed a snakeskin mohawk onto his scalp. It represents Moody shedding his skin after being in a coma for three days (he was also legally dead for over two minutes during this time). He didn't recognize himself and needed assistance walking and using the bathroom. "I looked in the mirror and it was like [Lord of the Rings character] Gollum. I was green and ugly and pale and I was like 'What the fuck happened to me?' And that's when I decided I was going to shed skin and be the man that I should've always been and I can be."

For more honest moments like the time Philip Anselmo injected his friend with heroin and then brought him back to life, Corey Taylor’s harrowing childhood and more, check out these Unexpectedly Honest Answers to Interview Questions in the Loud List below.

Unexpectedly Honest Answers to Interview Questions

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