Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - It was a rough weekend for two Rochester pizza delivery drivers. One had his car stolen and another lost some pizzas.

Police say the first incident happened around 2:00 AM Saturday. Officers were checking a reported burglary at a business along Marion Rd. when a driver for Toppers Pizza ran up and said someone had just driven off with his car. It was later located. Police suspect the car thief is the same person seen hanging around the Topper’s site at an earlier time. It’s suspected he is also the person who broke into the business and left without taking anything.

The other incident happened around 2:00 AM Monday.

A Toppers driver had parked his vehicle at Eastridge Apartments to make a delivery of an unknown number of pizzas and saw a man approaching. Moments later, another man wearing a mask ran up and demanded the pizzas. The driver saw something in the man’s hand and wasn’t sure if it was a weapon and handed over the pizzas. The thief fled and the driver called 911.