Being known for housing the World's Largest Ball of Twine - Made By One Man has brought the town of Darwin Minnesota to the forefront of Minnesota trivia questions, and has even been featured in the music of Weird Al Yankovic. So it comes as no surprise that in a Tweet sent out by the World's Largest Ball of Twine and Weird Al himself that the road known as Twine Ball Lane has a new name...Weird Alley. 

In a Tweet sent out around 7pm by the Weird Al, he wrote how honored he was to receive the recognition of having a street named after him.

About an hour later the Twitter account for Darwin's Twine Ball (oh the digital age we live in that a Twine Ball has a Twitter account) re-affirmed the renaming and heaped congratulations on the performer.  


"To celebrate @alyankovic’s @mnstatefair

appearance this week and to honor all he has done to promote the Twine Ball and Darwin, Twine Ball Lane will now also be known as Weird Alley. Thanks for everything, Al! This here’s what America’s all about." 

Darwin and Yankovic, excuse the pun, have been intertwined since he released his 1989 Album UHF that featured the song "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota." It spurred the town to create postcards and t-shirts. If you stop by the ball, you'll even see a picture of Al giving the ball a big hug.

Yankovic is performing at the Minnesota State Fair Tuesday night as part of his 'Strings Attached' tour.

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