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Every week, I am on the hunt to find the best of the best in Rochester based on your votes.  Last week, we found out the Top 5 coffee shops...which you can read about here as you drink a cup of joe.  And this week, we have the Top 5 places to grab a taco in Rochester.

What taco places made the list? Well, Rochester, I counted all of the votes and read through all of the messages people left on Facebook, Instagram, and in my inbox and the Top 5 Places to grab a taco in Rochester are...

VOTES ARE IN: Top 5 Places to Grab a Taco in Rochester

I know I'm going to get the question where Taco Bell and Taco John's were on the list?  Zero.  There wasn't a single vote for either.  IKR?!  I know that people love these places because there are always piles of cars waiting at all of them whenever I drive by...but zippo.  Looks like the #ShopLocal campaign is winning in this vote.

And...for a town that isn't very food truck friendly in the downtown area, we have quite a few taco trucks that people are loving.  Hmm...maybe we should have more food trucks in Rochester?   #JustSayin' #IVotteYes

There's more TOP 5 fun coming up so if you aren't there already giving it a "like" and "follow", come join me on Facebook and Instagram so your vote can get added next round.

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