The Dakota County Fair is scheduled to run from August 5-11 in Farmington. A white tiger exhibit scheduled to appear at the fair has created some unwanted attention for the fair according to the Star Tribune. The traveling tiger exhibit has both, a Minnesota big cat sanctuary and the National Humane Society asking the fair board "to reconsider allowing the exhibit."

The board is "scheduled to discuss the exhibit at a meeting on Monday" according to the Star Tribune article.  The Dakota County Facebook page only has had two reactions dealing with the exhibit both coming early in June.

A Google search of the company that runs the exhibit All Things Wild out of Chicago, Illinois turns up various articles written about various infractions that were given to the company based on conditions the animals experienced. The company's Google rating (4.4) has many positive reviews based on visitors experiences and photos of the tigers.

Other non-controversial attractions that are headed to the Dakota County Fair will be Traveling Tee's Mini Golf and Pony Rides. There will also be three nights of demo derby at the grandstand beginning on Thursday night and a donkey race. 

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