Minnesota might be known as the State of Hockey, but in my opinion, our most popular and beloved team doesn't play on the ice. While some probably consider the Twins our most popular team (and the way they're playing this year, that's not necessarily a bad opinion), I still have to go with the Vikings. I mean, it's almost July and I still see someone in a Vikings jersey or cap just about anywhere I go. So that's why I'm thinking that Vikings fans won't take too kindly to a new study out of Emory University.

The study used data to rank each NFL team and fan bases from 1-32 (1 being the most passionate, 32 being the least). So where did Minnesota land?

According to the study, the Vikings have the 24th 'best' fan bases in the NFL. 


The study analyzed data based on things like attendance, revenues, social media following, road attendance, and even factoring in win-loss records to find out how many 'bandwagon fans' a team has (hi, Seattle!).

I'm still not completely sold on this study. Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really have more passionate fans than the Vikings? The Texans? Color me a bit skeptical on that.

So how did the rest of the NFC North shake out?

Green Bay Packers - #6

Chicago Bears - #8

Detroit Lions - #22

Okay, you know it's bad when you lose out to the freakin' Lions. You can take a look at the full results here.

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