Alright, full disclosure - snakes freak me out. I'm guessing this all started when I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark as kid. You know, that scene when Indy is in the tomb full of poisonous snakes and cobras? That was the worst. If Indiana freaking Jones can't handle snakes, that's all the excuse I need.

Anyway, if you're also not a fan of snakes and drive a motorcycle, then you should totally watch this little gem of a video. It's going to inspire you and definitely not sneak into your nightmares tonight. Really! I believe it takes place in Thailand, where snakes are apparently everywhere. Take a look:

Holy sh**! Look at the way that monster dives right towards that motorcyclist. Look at all that air! It's almost like the whole thing was premeditated. (It was probably was, as snakes are evil incarnate.) To loosely quote Deadpool, he should have worn brown pants.

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