For me, it was seriously like entering Heaven.

Those of you who know me well enough already know that my second favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski. It's a cult classic that pokes fun at the absurdity of life. To me, the "Dude" as a character reminds us to laugh at that fact - and that's why I love this movie so much.

When my husband told me that he found a "Lebowski themed bar" online, I asked when we were going and where it was! It's in Robins, Iowa. You'll find it tucked away among newly constructed homes and cornfields. It's called Lebowski's Bar & Grill.

Sadly, they faced closure in January but they've since re-opened! Here's a look at what I saw when I was there.

Lebowski's Bar & Grill

This is the kind of small-town friendly place where the waitress will sit with you while taking your order. Sort of like the bowling alley in the movie! I loved every minute of it!

It's got enough nostalgia from the movie (including "the rug" the tied the room together), but it's truly just like any bar and grill you'd come across. It works for everyone: families, grandparents, couples, singles - anyone!

This is a must stop for any Lebowski fan, and any family looking for a quality bite near the interstate! I highly recommend the "Dude fries" (complete with pulled pork and BBQ sauce!) and their burgers. Stop in when you can!

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