I know I'm not the only Lebowski fan in southeast Minnesota!

In case you missed it, the "big" 20th anniversary of the cult hit The Big Lebowski occurred this past March. To celebrate, it's being re-released in theaters all over the country over the coming week.

In somewhat of a surprise, a Rochester theater was one of the ones chosen to show it again.

"The Big Lebowski" Blu-Ray Release
Getty Images: Mike Coppola

If you want to join the celebration and see The Big Lebowski in theaters again, there's one place to do it in Rochester, dude. Marcus Theaters (Wehrenberg) is showing it on August 5th (Sunday) at 2 pm. That's your chance, man. Don't miss it!

Some of you know that I've been a fan of this movie for a long time. I first saw it in 2013 and have been obsessed ever since... but I'm still calmer than you are.

Ready to see this, dude?

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