Did I take the almost two hour drive there, just for coffee? You bet I did.

What else is there to do on a Palm Sunday anyway? Coffee is always a good excuse to get out of the house, so, that's exactly what my husband and I did Sunday morning. We made the trip to Ellefson Coffee Co. during it's opening weekend.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I highly recommend getting what I got, which was a blend of coffee called Velvet Hammer. For a dark roast, it was pretty smooth! I had it black, and that was just fine. No extras needed!

Even though I stopped by on Sunday, Saturday was truly a day FILLED with festivities (which included That Metal Show's Don Jamison), and very good coffee. You can check out the action from Saturday below.

Sunday, however, was a little more chill. You're probably already asking the important question: "Was Dave Ellefson there when you were?" The answer is yes! I really didn't know if he'd still be there or not, but I was thrilled to see that he was!

Dave was hanging out with everyone in the shop, signing autographs and taking pictures in between helping out in the back. He even had a sandwich at one of the tables!

Before he left, he explained that he had to catch a plane to Nashville for Megadeth tour rehearsals this week, but thanked everyone for coming by his new shop. He especially thanked his crew for powering through a busy weekend.

The amount of memorabilia was crazy! Korn sent things to be shown in the shop, there was plenty of Megadeth memorabilia and more! If you're into good old fashion high school scrapbook photos and uniforms, Dave's own Jackson memorabilia is hanging proudly in the shop too.

If you're up for the drive to Jackson (and really good coffee!) I recommend stoping by. You can get more on Dave's new coffee shop here.

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