Who knew rockstars had time to tweet!? Oh, wait.....

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

This was pretty cool though! Stephen Pearcy of RATT took time to tweet us recently, and this is what went down. Basically, he was excited to share a new teaser single with us. Wanna here it? Check it out?

What did you think? It's called "Rain", and it's from Smash - I'm sure we'll get more going forward.

In the meantime, RATT is set to takeover Treasure Island (yes, this lineup includes Warren DeMartini!) on February 11th. Wanna go? Get tickets here. Three of the original members are in!

I'm just gonna take this opportunity to throw this out there too: where's Bobby Blotzer? Why can't these guys just figure it out? Here's hoping!

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