Following a call from President Trump for Minnesota's liberation, confused Minnesotans have begun preparing to become a Canadian province.

The President of the United States Friday morning took to Twitter to call for the liberation of Minnesota.

Unsure what exactly Minnesota is being liberated from -- some have cited the tyrannical Stay Home orders from Governor Tim Walz -- many have taken to credible online forum reddit to wonder aloud:

" the President telling us to go join Canada or something?" asks one user.

"Woooo! Move to Canada it is!" enthuses another.

"Maybe we can be absorbed by Ontario or Manitoba," suggests one opportunist, referring to Minnesota's northern neighbors. "Universal health care and legal weed. And hockey."

"Let's ask Canada nicely and see what they say," agrees another.

Fortunately, if Minnesotans are known for one thing, it's asking things nicely, and a request for absorption will most certainly not be denied. The idea has raised further questions, though: namely, what Minnesota's new Canadian-province name be. One suggestion -- Minnetoba -- is met with great enthusiasm by reddit user SauerkrautFart"Rolls off the tongue. Sign me up!" Another suggested moniker, however -- Ontota -- receives the endorsement of a random Canadian known online as RockPaperReload, who says "Endorsed by a Canadian."

Others reddit users have even taken to bargaining with Canada. "We'll trade you for Alberta," offers one Minnesota with no authority to do so whatsoever. His treaty is rejected, though, by someone else with no authority: "No deal. I don't want your gun laws."

In unrelated news, certain upset Minnesotans have also taken to calling for the liberation of the White House from an "orange man" they call "Cheeto," "a clown" and "a moron."

*This article is written as satire and should be taken as such*

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