Last year on New Year's Eve, a man made a resolution to run every single street in his city of Cape Girardeau, Missouri and he accomplished his goal on the very last day of 2013.

Visitors Convention Brochure Cape Girardeau
Visitors Convention Brochure Cape Girardeau

 My New Year's Resolution this year of staying busy and motivated and a little less lazy pales in comparision. There is nothing I could do to remotely compare to this.


His name is Mike Higgins, and he kept track of his accomplishments by using a yellow highlighter and marking up a map.  He said that the city has 320 miles of streets and roads.  He says that he knows he has ran many of them more than once, if not three or four times.  He also says that he averaged 15 to 30 miles each week.   His resolution this year?  ( Do we want to hear it?  I'm going to tell you anyways, )  He wants to run a 62 mile run in 12 hours.   Yeah, that is not a resolution I'll ever be making in this lifetime.

Wow, check out that nifty little ditty city theme song.

I have been to Cape Girardeau on a vacation a few years ago.   I did not run at all during my time in that city.  One thing at least that looks for certain, if he had a total of 320 miles to run over the course of a year, and he finished on the last day of the year, he must have procrastinated a little bit.   Either that, or he took a few days off over the course of the year. Either way, that pretty much does equate to one of the most intense New Year's resolutions I have heard!