Anyone who has ever spent five minutes driving around Rochester likely notices one major thing: There sure are a lot of freaking geese in this town. It’s not uncommon for me to see at least 15 geese a day driving to and from work. They’re everywhere. And when you really think about, it’s remarkable that Rochester doesn’t have regular Goose Attacks.

I realized that after coming across this story of a high school golfer in Michigan who was literally attacked by a goose on the golf course. And thankfully, there’s photographic evidence:

Oh, man. I’m sorry dude, but that is hilarious. Just zoom in on that goose’s face. He looks pissed. I would have been so freaked out if I was that kid. Although you did have several golf clubs to defend yourself with.

Anyway, if you ever see someone in Rochester getting attacked by a goose, please immediately get that on video.

Source: ABC News

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