Aw, yeah. It’s finally here. It’s only been a few months since football season ended. We won’t get to watch a real game until the fall. But starting today, we get to have a little taste. I am, of course, talking about the fact that the 2018 NFL Draft is finally happening at 6PM. Who will the Vikings take? Will the Bears hopefully whiff their pick? Which quarterback will suddenly be terrible the moment he gets drafted by the Browns? So much drama.

Many of you will watch part of the draft at home, or just read the results online. But for the football die-hards who want to watch the draft with a draft beer (I am so proud of that line), these are my picks for optimum Draft Watching & Drinking in Rochester.

  1. Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill

Lots of TVs, decent space, amazing burgs.

  1. Dooley’s Irish Pub & The Loop (tied)

Lots of TVs, a ton of space, quick downtown access for celebrating your team’s amazing pick.

  1. Whistle Binkies

Two locations, good space, lots of TVs and beer

  1. The Crooked Pint

Lots of space and TVs, plus REALLY tasty Jucy Lucy burgers.

  1. Beetles Bar & Grill

Huge space with a ton of TVs.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with any place with big TVs and big menus. GET READY.

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