It doesn't get more American or metal than this! Check out this guy rocking out to Slayer, shirtless, holding our flag, while "Raining Blood" is blaring from some distant speakers.

Lane Pittman is the guy who posted it. He lives near Jacksonville, Florida (yes, he's a Jaguars fan but we'll let it slide in this case). He believed people needed to see his hair in action, and he was right.

He's also got a crush on Emma Watson, so, you know... Emma, you should probably give him a call. He seems like a chill dude! This isn't his first time being internet famous either. He shredded the National Anthem so hard that the cops got involved once.

I'm just gonna say it now - can we nominate this guy for President instead of the two clowns that are currently running? He sure has plenty of enthusiasm to do it!