Honoring America’s Veterans: List of Free Meals and Discounts on Veterans Day
On Friday, November 11th, we honor the men and women who have fought for this country, to protect our freedom, and their extraordinary efforts. Our radio station is so thankful to American Heroes.  Thank YOU for all you do.  In light of their service, many businesses have decided to honor these amazing Americans with free meals and discounts.  A list is below.
This Dude Rocking Out To Slayer During Hurricane Matthew Is Everything
It doesn't get more American or metal than this! Check out this guy rocking out to Slayer, shirtless, holding our flag, while "Raining Blood" is blaring from some distant speakers. Lane Pittman is the guy who posted it. He lives near Jacksonville, Florida (yes, he's a Jaguars fan but we'll let it slide in this case)...