The Winter Olympics are currently underway in South Korea, and it’s a great time for being reminded that certain winter sports exist outside of hockey and skiing – here’s looking at you, biathalon and luge! Curling is one sport that I’ve always thought looks pretty fun, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it out.


The Curling Club of Rochester is about to hold two events to raise awareness about the sport and gain a community following. Eventually, they hope to get a high-end curling facility built here in Rochester.

If you want to see some live curling action (while drinking beer), you can check out the Outdoor Curling & Olympic Watch Party at the Freight Yard this Monday, February 12th from 5-9PM.

And for people like me who are interested in learning how to curl, the Curling Club will be hosting a “learn how to curl like an Olympian” event at the Rochester Rec Center on Sunday, February 25th starting at 7:30PM. They’ll have instructors on-site to provide lessons, with equipment and supplies included for just $20.

This looks pretty fun, so it’s cool that you can get your Olympics on here in the Med City if you are so inclined! More details here.

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