Rochester has finally been getting its first taste of spring, and it’s been tasting delicious. But you know what else tastes good in the springtime? BEER. You knew where that was going.

This week, the Tap House in Rochester is busting out its first tapping of Oberon Ale from Bell’s. If you haven’t had Oberon before, I’m a fan of it. It’s one of those beers that tastes great in the spring (because it tastes like the summer), so I’m guessing that it’ll taste even better coming from a fresh tap. They’ll also feature other beers from Bell’s, including the “It’ll Put Hair On Your Chest” Two Hearted Ale, a personal fave.

The first launch event kicks off tonight (Wednesday, March 28th) from 5PM to 8PM on the Tap House rooftop. As of this writing, the weather has definitely been cooperating all day.

If you can’t make it today, Tap House is also having another Oberon Launch Party this Saturday from 5PM to 8PM. More info here and here.

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