I was catching up on the phone with a friend earlier this week (he doesn’t live in Rochester, so I think I’ll get away with posting this), and he shared something…interesting with me. Being that Easter is coming up, and this story involves Easter, I figured I’d discreetly share this with you.

My buddy got married back in college, and they currently have two kids. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, they’re an amazing couple, he’s a great dad, and they’re rocking it. However, there’s one thing that seems…off. I first noticed this when I saw a picture on my News Feed last week.

It was a picture of his oldest son with the Easter Bunny. His son is eleven years old. And according to my buddy, that’s because his son still believes in the Easter Bunny. My friend laughed it off and said his wife wants to keep that going, so he’s just rolling with it until the boy figures it out for himself.

So here’s my question…is that...too old? This kid is theoretically a year or two from having “the talk”. At what point does a parent step in and say, “Hey, dude. Rabbits aren’t that big, man. They also don’t walk on two feet, and you do NOT want to eat rabbit eggs.”

Trying not to judge here (that would make Santa upset, and I’m trying to be a good boy this year), but what do YOU think?

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