We didn't think it'd be over - but it is.

As reported by The New York Times, the FCC voted 3-2 to dismantle Net Neutrality rules this afternoon.

Protestors Rally At FCC Against Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules
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For those who don't know what "net neutrality" is; it's defined as: "landmark rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet." Now, companies can privately make that decision - which will affect all of us in a variety of ways.

The New York Times explains,

Ajit Pai, the chairman of the commission, said the rollback of the rules would eventually help consumers because broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast could offer people a wider variety of service options. Mr. Pai was joined in the 3-to-2 vote by his two fellow Republican commissioners.

“We are helping consumers and promoting competition,” Mr. Pai said before the vote. “Broadband providers will have more incentive to build networks, especially to underserved areas.”

There are certainly multiple ways of looking at this decision. This, by far, is the most controversial one made by Pai.

What does that mean for us in southeast Minnesota? We won't know yet because this debate is far from over, but to be honest, for the past two weeks - I've been noticed a vast change in my connectivity when it comes to my internet usage. It's been lacking. Especially after 8 pm. Why is this? My guess: decisions like these were already put into place.

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