Val kind of struggled during her ride to work today. Did you?

It's no secret that the Rochester area was hit with a massive (okay, massive to this newbie) blizzard, which at this point, has already dumped 14 inches of snow on the ground!

I kind of struggled on my way in today. How was your ride? Not so good? Yeah, that's what I thought. Watch this, and feel immediately better about your day.

Laugh at my pain!

Seriously, I don't understand how we can have a 50 degree, partly cloudy day yesterday... AND THIS TODAY!?! I've been told, however, that the weather changes like that "...because Minnesota." So, I guess I'm learning.

Thankfully, someone in the office ordered pizza this afternoon for lunch. That's a bonus for being here despite this, right?

Tell us about your drive, and what you encountered today! You can post on Facebook, too!

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