If you saw the Foo Fighters at Xcel Energy Center last night, you probably noticed that drummer Taylor Hawkins represented Rochester in a really cool way.

You probably also noticed his drum riser becoming a TOWER, and tons of lasers and lights - but I digress....

Taylor Hawkins wore a Riverside Otters t-shirt from our own Riverside Central Elementary while he tore up the drums! Thousands of people saw this! I think it was a really cool way to represent Rochester.

Kate Klaus via Facebook
Kate Klaus via Facebook

If you've been living under a rock, you might've missed Taylor's visits to the Rochester school over the past few years. He's been to Riverside Elementary twice recently as part of the nationwide Turnaround Arts program. He's an "ambassador" for the school, and doing wonderfully at the job!

Were you at the show last night? Did you notice Taylor wearing this shirt too?

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