I think most people who are loyal Target customers have the Target app on their phone. I have the app and use it ALL the time! But did you know if you're checking for any deals with your Target app while you're in the store you're potentially not getting the best deal?

KARE 11 did an experiment to see if all of this is true. They looked at 10 different products and compared the prices offered on the Target app when they were away from the store and prices on the app when they entered the store. Between all 10 of the items, it would have saved them $262 to purchase these items from the back of the parking lot as opposed to purchasing them while in the store. $262! One of the products they looked at, a Dyson vacuum, jumped $148 after entering the store.

Why is the Target app showing you a higher price while in the store as opposed to when you're at home?

The prices you're shown on your app while at home are the online prices. Once you get within 50 feet of a store the prices switch to in-store prices.

But how do they know when you're near a store?

When you originally get the Target app they ask to use your location. If you enable that, they know when you're within 50 feet or inside of the store.

If you notice a cheaper online price, you can take a screenshot of the cheaper price and then show it to an employee, they should honor the online price.

Or you can turn off the apps ability to know your location!

All you need to do is tap your name in the bottom right corner, tap "App Settings," then tap "Location" and select "Never." Now you'll always see the online price, even when you're in the store!


Source: KARE 11


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