How would you like to eat this cake?   A New Zealand baker named Emma decided to take a little revenge out on a customer.   Emma posted this status on her personal Facebook page, along with the photo of the cake she sent, wrapped of course, to a woman's engagement party:

Emma McDonald Facebook Post
Emma McDonald Facebook Post

Can you say, WOW!  McDonald owns a business called Oh Cakes.  Their slogan is: 'Novelty, Birthday & Wedding cakes just for fun'.   Don't mess with this tough cookie!

Micaela Harris, whose sister arranged to have this cake delivered to her engagement party said the cake arrived in magnificent wrapping, but she was embarrassed after opening the cake to discover the turd cake.  The cake was opened in front of 100 guests.  Micaela said she was shocked that Emma McDonald continued to repost the stories that were generated on the internet of this cake.  McDonald claims that the publicity has brought her business.   Harris said she didn't let this cake ruin her party.

Is that not the most bizarre thing ever?????  I feel sorry for the sister, it wasn't her fault, and she was the one who opened this cake for her party.  Emma sure got her revenge on Harris's sister.   CRAZY!!!!