Louis CK Teases 'SNL' Promo Style in April 8 Preview
Recent months have seen SNL shifting away from the traditional guest star promos to something with a bit more production value, but don’t bother trying to get Louis C.K. on board. The comedian would like you to know he’s hosting this weekend, not presenting at the Grammys.
Melissa McCarthy Studying Sean Spicer for SNL Return
SNL has one heck of a Season 42 finish ahead, to follow Louis C.K. with Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and The Rock, and live on every coast at that. Of all those names, however, McCarthy might build the most anticipation, as the Sean Spicer impressionist says she’s already squirr…
SNL Tries to 'Boycott' Trump in First Snapchat Series
It was back in August we first learned that NBC would experiment with a few Snapchat additions to its most viral shows, and you’ve had at least four months to figure out what that means. Nonetheless, SNL is venturing into Snapchat content with its new Boycott series, as cast members try to ge…

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