Give it up for Mike Svensson, the Swedish Rage Against the Machine fan who "rallied round the family" when the call came from Prophets of Rage's Tom Morello at a recent show in Stockholm, Sweden. Morello is coming off recent hand surgery, fracturing his playing hand last week, and he used that bit of info to provide a pretty cool fan moment at their show Tuesday (June 26).

"Last Thursday, I fractured my hand and broke it in two," Morello told the crowd "And my doctor said, 'There's no way you guys are going to be able to go on tour. I said, 'There are some crazy-ass motherfuckers in Sweden who need to see this shit." The guitarist then asked, "Is there anybody out there who knows how to play Rage Against the Machine songs, like really?"

Svensson offered his talents and after a little "rehearsal," Morello introduced "Mike," stating, "I'm gonna take a break with my hand and Mike's gonna try and rock some shit." Morello handed off his signature guitar to the audience member as the band played "Bulls on Parade." Svensson did his best Morello impression during the performance, bounding around the stage with energy and nimbly attacking the fretboard from different angles, all while Morello with a big smile watched on and eventually joined in.

"That's fuckin' incredible. Sweden has talent, people," said Morello, thanking his "fill-in." Watch the performance below.

Svensson was later treated to a selfie with Morello, which can be seen below. "What i did tonight? I hung out with @tommorello and @prophetsofrage," he wrote on Instagram. "Thanks so much @djlord, @slimrichardson1 and all of you guys for making this for me."

Prophets of Rage's European trek continues tonight (June 28) in Odense, Denmark. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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