I was curious as to some of the strange or forgotten Minnesota driving laws that are on the books. Some of these I had thought had been changed, but I guess not.

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    In Minnesota, a windshield on a vehicle is not specifically required by our statutes. However, if you do have a windshield, you must have windshield wipers. And you can be cited if the windshield is cracked or broken.

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    Did you know that cigarette filters (butts) are specifically listed in the littering statutes as one of many items that it is against the law to litter?

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    Snowplow Headlights

    Snowplow headlights cannot be used on a vehicle that does not have a snowplow on it. The lights either have to be covered with an opaque material or removed when the plow is not in use.

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    Did you know the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle on audible warning (horn)? Also, the overtaken vehicle shall not increase its speed until it is completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.

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    Driving in Reverse

    Did you know that people who are driving a vehicle in reverse are exempt from the seat belt laws?

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    Seat Belts

    Did you know that in Minnesota you can now get stopped and cited for not wearing the seat belt correctly (like putting the shoulder harness around your back or under your arm)?

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    Passing Clearance

    This is probably from the Model A days - when you are passing a motor vehicle, you have to pull back in to your own lane before coming within 100 feet of the oncoming vehicle! That's almost a head-on crash by today's standards and certainly not acceptable, even though it is still a law today.

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    Driving Barefoot

    I always thought Minnesota had a law you could not drive barefoot. Apparently not. Although the State Patrol says shoes are a better choice over going barefoot or wearing sandals or flip flops.

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    Riding in Pickup

    And although it's not safe to do, there is no law to prevent you from riding in the back of a pickup or camper. There may be some cities that have laws against this though, so be careful. And again, it's really not safe to do it.

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