With the colder weather now, Halloween is almost here. And that means, haunted houses. I'm not talking the haunted houses you walk through and people in make up try to scare you. I'm talking about legit haunted places.

I hit up HauntedPlaces.org to find out which places in Southern Minnesota are really haunted and there are a few. Check it out.


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    The Kahler Hotel

    Supposedly, the ghosts of former Mayo patients haunt the Kahler. Some people have reported strange noises and smells and rapid changes in temperature while walking the halls.

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    Quarry Hill Nature Center

    The story goes that a man committed suicide on "Dead Man's Bridge" back in the '60's. That's creepy enough but there's also a small cemetery and some small caves around that may be haunted too. I've never been out there but if you can confirm any of this, let us know.

  • City Of Mantorville

    Mantorville Opera House

    According to HauntedPlaces.orgThe opera house is haunted by former actors and entertainers. Including a woman whom the staff nicknamed Ellen. Lights go on and off by themselves, people hear footsteps and some people have had the eerie feeling of being watched while they're in the basement and other weird occurrences. It'd be cool to spend the night there.