Richie Sambora is now saying "the door is open!" But, should Jon Bon Jovi put the effort into getting the band back together?

Rock in Rio 2013
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In case you missed it, a few years ago, Jon explained the split with Richie saying, “He’s gone. No hard feelings. Being in a band isn't a life sentence.” Then, we kind of accepted that they were on a break. Let's be honest, we want those two on stage together, and wouldn't want to see anyone else in their places. So, since 2013 or so, we haven't had a true Bon Jovi reunion of any sort.

Currently, Richie is saying he's in a much better place now thanks to his new girlfriend Orianthi. They've created a new group called RSO, and supposedly they recorded an album in their kitchen! Furthermore, Richie says he's ready to rejoin the group. Perhaps even more surprising, is his declaration that he spoke to Jon recently. As for a reunion, he echoed Slash when he said, "never say never."






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