We haven't heard a whole lot about exactly how the Guns N' Roses "reunion" happened, since it was announced in March of this year. Some of us speculated money was the reason Duff, Axl and Slash got back together, others speculated they really missed each other, some said Slash's divorce from ex-wife Perla brought it on.

Whatever the reason, we're glad they're back! Axl and Duff gave us some insight as to how it all came together on Brazilian media.

Just to recap, here's five things we've learned from that interview.

1) Axl, Slash and Duff pretty much still lead separate lives. Did you notice how much Axl mentioned everything went through everyone else's "people"? Sure, they probably get together occasionally as friends, but I doubt they're hanging out on weekends if they don't have to. They're still getting reacquainted it seems like.

2) Having Angus Young of AC/DC as a boss is pretty sweet. Axl says he enjoys it!

3) Axl would rather watch games and concerts on TV than go to them. He says, "I like the close ups, and all of that."

4) There is a strong possibility for new music from Axl, Duff and Slash. Apparently they've, "shown each other stuff."

5) Izzy Straddling is still a mystery. Neither Axl nor Duff knew what he was up to currently, but Axl respects him for keeping his life private.

6) Duff respects Chinese DemocracyHe says learning to play tunes from the record (they've been playing the title track, and "Better" on tour) forced him to realize how complicated the music is.

Here's hoping there's more from these guys!

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