Why so serious? Seether are anything but, frequently spotted donning goofy grins during their brand new "Betray and Degrade" video. But there appears to be something more sinister behind those pearly whites.

Initially, the video seems to be light-hearted fare, with the guys from Seether seemingly fighting back smiles while appearing in front of scenic backdrops like mountains, wooded areas and sunny beaches similar to picture studio backdrops. But as the song continues those grins become a little more creepy, enhanced by the contrasting shots of the members bloodied, dirty and mocking for the camera.

"I'm never the same / I'm never enough / There's something dead inside me," sings Shaun Morgan with a wide smile unbefitting of the lyrics. However, it is a bit consistent with the contrast in styles within the song, as Seether make great use of the quiet-loud dynamics, offering something a little more darker in tone set against a bouncier vibe, then eventually turning it more aggressive. Watch it play out in the player above.

"Betray and Degrade" is featured on Seether's latest album, Poison the Parish, which was released back in May. The band is currently in the midst of a North American trek in support of the album, with a European run to follow. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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