Congrats are in order for Seether frontman Shaun Morgan who wed his longtime girlfriend Jordan Kirby over the weekend.

Kirby revealed the news on her social media posting photos from the joyous day along with a photo of the couple posing with their daughter at the wedding.

"Thank you to everyone that made this day so special to us! Presenting The Welgemoeds!," stated Kirby while also nodding to Morgan's given last name.

Seether are currently supporting their 2020 album release Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. However, the pandemic has kept them from their usual tour schedule and Morgan recently expressed his desire to cut back on their touring once they can resume.

"This year doesn't look to be shaping up much better, as far as going back to a touring kind of lifestyle. Not that that's something that I want to return to anyway," he admitted to Loudwire Nights in March. "I don't wanna be out for three months at a time, come home for four days and then sort of high five my family and then walk back out again. And then every time you come back, you feel like you have to re-learn the relationships."

Morgan then added, "I don't know that we're ever going back to doing, get back on a bus for a month. And having said that, so what does it look like? Do we do more streaming stuff now?"

It's been a good year so far for Seether who also were recently represented with a special exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Several of Morgan's instruments, clothing garments, handwritten lyrics and other memorabilia from their career are featured in the installation.

"Growing up on a pig farm in South Africa I had many dreams of being a 'rock star' in America, something that was deemed impossible at the time, I clung to the dream even more tightly with every comment from every naysayer and after many years, shows and numerous different bands the impossible became a reality in 2000," Morgan said in a statement.

"I feel so humbled and grateful for this opportunity that it is difficult to express. This is a huge milestone for Seether and is by far one of the most important highlights of our career."

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