His name is Christian Clements, and he's on a mission.

His mission is simple: Let's remind Rochester that Pride Month (June) is indeed a thing. He feels like it's been a little forgotten lately, and maybe he's right. As a reminder, he personally delivered (on a bike - in 85 degree heat!) beautiful hand crafted signs so that no one forgets. I love mine!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

His message is simple. Let's remind everyone in Rochester that they are indeed loved. Want one of your own? Just hit him up on Facebook! He'll be more than happy to bring one by. He's also initiated a hashtag for this cause. Be sure to take a selfie of you with your sign, and use the hashtag #allwelcomeallloved Rochester - it's working already! Take a look!

All of this painting surprised his girlfriend! She explained, "I woke up before 6 AM this morning to find Christian Clements painting these signs. He's planning on putting them around Rochester. If you want one for your home or place of business, I'm sure he can make it happen. This guy has a really big heart."

Personally, I haven't noticed a whole lot of pride related things in the area yet. I did become aware of a few events happening next month though. See you there?

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