We've all had these thoughts. Now it's time to admit that some of our favorite Rochester items, animals and moments indeed remind us of certain horoscopes.

A thought crossed my (Capricorn) mind last week: if I were to compare my sign with a Rochester "thing" - what would represent its characteristics? I had an easy answer. While I crafted this out of my own curiosity, I thought you guys would enjoy it too!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Rochester Signs Of The Zodiac.


Rochester Zodiac: Cafe Steam
January 18 - February 20

Somewhat of a dreamer, yet also intelligent and known for its humanitarian tendencies - in Rochester, Aquarians fall under the Cafe Steam sign. Smart, creative and considerate, this cafe is a hub for nurturing all of those qualities. People born under this sign like to nurture their ideas here.

Café Steam via Facebook



Rochester Zodiac: Mayo Civic Center
February 19 - March 20

Intuitive, willing to help others, and known for promoting artistic talent - in Rochester, it's easy to see that Mayo Civic Center has those qualities. They'll do anything to be inspired or get inspired.

workers reopening street in front of Mayo Civic Center-Photo by Kim David/Townsquare Media



Rochester Zodiac: Rochester bikers
March 21 - April 19

Determined as ever, daring, active, and courageous - anyone that rides their bike (be it a "regular" bike or motorcycle) in Rochester is not only someone that I admire, but they're also a pretty chill person. Just like an Aries! Sometimes they're a little impatient, but hey they have to defend themselves somehow.




Rochester Zodiac: Rochester Downtown Farmers Market
April 20 - May 20

Just like a reliable, practical, and ambitious Taurus - the comparable zodiac in Rochester is definitely the Rochester Downtown Farmer's Market. They consistently sell amazingly healthy products, and they care about the quality of what they're selling. Taurans are known for being financially responsible as well - as so is this Farmer's Market!

Credit: Choochoo-ca-Chew



Rochester Zodiac: The Twins
May 21 - June 20

Duh. They're sometimes inconsistent, but we still love them.

Getty Images


Rochester Zodiac: Crow
June 21 - July 22

Every late fall, we hear them - we even fear them! Not because they'll attack us humans, necessarily, but they'll certainly attack our cars with excrement. Just like anyone who falls under the Cancer sign - the crows we see in Rochester are a little moody and unpredictable, but there's still something sentimental about their migration.

Getty Images



Rochester Zodiac: Second Street Waving Guy
July 23 - August 22

Kind, big-hearted, energetic and loves attention (just like a Leo) - he's a champion of Rochester spirit and known wherever he goes in town. He brings smiles to our faces. We love his antics!

Dean Riggott Photography



Rochester Zodiac: Mayo Clinic
August 23 - September 22

Let's admit that they built this city. Mayo Clinic (much like a Virgo), is a symbol of humanity and care in Rochester. They pay attention to the details of their patients, and employees. We're grateful for them!


Rochester Zodiac: Quarry Hill
September 23 - October 22

A little bit of city and country balance is what you'll find at Quarry Hill in Rochester - just like a Libra. They've got a nice Nature Center for folks who want a taste of "city" but plenty of paths and trails for lovers of the outdoors. Their love of preserving Rochester's natural beauty is obvious.




Rochester Zodiac: Tater-tot hotdish
October 23 - November 21

Extremely loyal until you try to change it (or upset it) - you can always count on a tater-tot hotdish to be there for you in Rochester... or anywhere in Minnesota for that matter. Seriously, don't mess with the basic recipe. You can put your faith into it - just like a Scorpio.

2016 Hotdish Off - photo from Sen Al Franken



Rochester Zodiac: Wishing Knob
November 22 - December 21

We can't help but love it. City leaders were enthusiastic about its reveal, it's traveled, and is certainly a symbol of Rochester's optimism - just like a typical Sagittarius. I don't know why some call it the "wishing knob" - but it seems appropriate. You know it as "the sculpture" in front of Mayo Civic Center.

TSM Rochester / sculpture



Rochester Zodiac: Canadian goose
December 22 - January 19

I can make jokes here because I myself am a Capricorn. We're known as a serious, determined, ambitious, reliable and "no-nonsense" kind of sign. However, you can always count on us! These traits definitely remind me of our local geese who take no crap from anyone - they just choose to leave it all over Silver Lake.

David Cannon/Getty Images