When I first saw this "event" on Facebook, I knew I immediately had to applaud whoever created it.

It was written with sarcasm, yet also with sincere concern for the life of "Spermy" - Rochester's new whale. Yep, you guessed it - a Rochester local is having way too much fun with our new sculpture.

Check out Ethan Herber's creation here.

Release Spermy The Shiny "Whale" Into Zumbro River via Facebook

Okay so "Spermy" isn't really being released into the Zumbro River next Wednesday, but this picture is awesome! I giggled for at least a solid half an hour over it.

Ethan's posted concerns for "Spermy's" life are even better! He wrote the following on the event page.

  • "Guys, it's cold outside. Can we at least get Spermy a hat or something?"
  • "We officially have over 100 people joining in this fight to save Spermy's life! Don't forget to write to your representatives about this truly heartbreaking story."

...and better yet, this image Ethan created! The caption above reads, "This is just disgusting."

Ethan Herber

Dude. Kudos to you Ethan, this is making all of us laugh!